My First Episode Of Yuna Inspired

Monday, 9 May 2011

assalamualaikum.... and may ALLAH bless you all.. :) all of you can read the title right...?? so i watched it yesterday (8/5/11) on astro hitz at 9.30p.m.. and yes,, i know,, i'm kindda late on it.. really busy lately, watching tV is hard to do in my situation right now... even my blog is empty at firs,t only this month i decided to write more post entries.. :)

on that episode i'm really inspired ,,,, why..?? because yuna is one of my idol.. ^_^ i also a guitarist (a beginner XD) but not so much of a singer,,, bad voice... :P,, since the show is broadcasted in english... so am i,, not the broadcast part, the english part on this post.. :)

Yuna,, or Yunalis Zarai a 25-yrs old girl from Alor Setar, Kedah has become malaysia's top musician and singer.... only started to record her own demo "dan sebenarnya"(i think la..  haha) and uploaded in myspace ,,
her singing started by that then recognize by the people of malaysia n now... she goes abroad and reached Brooklyn,,,

on yuna inspired i watched,,, i really jealous that her get to be on MTV... wow.. haha,,,, i wish i had that kind of oppurtunity,, if only i have a great voice... :)
at least now i just keep on with my hobby,, play guitar,,, hopefully i can be as good as her,,,, :D
by far, i'm proud of her since i'm a malaysian too.. :) go yuna..!

and remember....

Yuna Inspired on AstroHitz, every Sunday,, 9.30 p.m.. :)


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