The War has Begun!!! ( MiCoST)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

ASSALAMUALAIKUM and may ALLAH bless you.. :) on this post and some other future  post as well, i would like to share a bit of my experience and my life here in my new home, Melaka International College of Science and Technology (MiCoST) :) . In this college and maybe as majority of colleges in Malaysia we here need to practise English as our secondary language. it is hard "glerr" when our daily life is mostly fully English. wow. =='


MiCoST has their own ADVANTAGE. :D
  1. MiCoST's campus has a small area. so we don't have to walk so far just to get to class, and when we are late we would not sweat to much bcoz the distance is just 3 minutes journey.... :D
  2. moreover, MiCoST has lifts and stairs, but i don't want to talk about stairs...  haha,, we have two lifts so if we go on a class we uses different lifts as for and for girls. ergh... i think its better if we just share.. haha
  3. the lecturer, well so far they have been good to the students. giving the class to have an early end... haha.
  4. the seniors, haha,,, what a funny character they have. especially during our orientation days where they tortured us almost to death.. haha. guessing that what make orientation days remember able. :D
  5. the number of student is small, so here our lecturer will make each and everyone of us study like our life depends on it.. haha,, in some way it is. :) with a good academic. our life will be better for the future.
DISADVANTAGE..?? got some. hehehe

  1. the the apartment, the size is more than i expected but, the bed is made from a design that make the steel weak. so when we lay down, it kind of sink down a bit. =.=' . and the mattress is really thin therefore i can feel the steely feeling on my back. thanks to ALLAH i don't have back ache. :D
  2. WI-FI. my room can reach the wi-fi provided by the campus because the room located at the furthest part of micost.. haha. so i had to rely on my broadband. 
  3. since micost only has a small area so the students here did not has a great place to hang out or to have leisurely time. :) but here we are close to the MITC we can hang out here in mall, bowling centre, a planetarium and a big mosque. ^_^ 

here i respected the most the Chef Executive, Dr. Aluwi... when he spoke in a lecture or a speech. my head feels fresh. my eye will focus on him. and feels like i been motivated so hard that i can be an astronaut.. haha.. but seriously he is the right person to be the Chief Executive of MiCoST. 

i am a student of MiCoST.. :) currently studying for the diploma of pharmacy. located in Melaka, and since Melaka is a tourism based district. i did not have to walk to far just to visit a great place.. hehe3... 

this is my house-mate. they may be not the best but they is all i have. :)

 the left(dark blue shirt) : 
  • qatadah (qat)
  • 18 years old (2011)
  • from Senawang, Negeri Sembilan
  • under micost student
the middle : 
  • nabil fikri
  • 18 y.o
  • from ampang, KL
  • under UitM student
the right : 
  • zarul
  • 18 y.o
  • from alor gajah, Melaka
  • under micost student
as for me, hazim hanis is the name, :) 18 years old in 2011 from Batu Pahat Johor and i studying under UiTM... :)

*those guy are my house-mate not my room-mate... :)


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