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Monday, 5 September 2011


hari ini rasa nya short je kot sebab tak ada perkataan yang ley gmbar kn apa yang da jadi kat aku sejak dua menjak ni.. :D

pertukaran language..........

feeling of unsure is still haunting me because im still puzzled how i get to be here,, in this situation,,, sorry i cant make it any more clear,,, this is one of my posts that i prefer to fill it with questions... :)
i have determined and i am facing the situation by my own.. :) no one else in my side of the world has known about my little secret,, hehe3,,,, but i think she'll gonna be just like the other girls i met,,,, where they all hated me for knowing and living in my life,,, its just the matter of time before she goin to say,, i hate u.... will that day ever come..?? i hope not..... ==' so i hope she can accept me for who i am,, i cant change who i am,,, especially in my age... in malay, there's a proverb ... "makin besar makin liat" hahaha,,,, meaning,, as we get older it is harder for us to change.. :)

so the countdown has begun for our "no talk" sesion,,,, y..? she's planned it and i think it is the best.... exam is closing on me,,,, need to focus on that more than anything else,,, and for those who are hurted to read this post,, im sorry.... i cant make everbody happy... im only one person to please the world... im not as strong as superman and even him cant make the world smile... but i am right now... ^_^ smiling that is.. hehe3...

im waiting for that moment where can talk again,,, ^_^ ....

i still in mixed feeling bcause i still iving in my old life,,, although im about to start a new chapter in my book of life..... i wonder if  i can get through this,,, oh ALLAH,,, plizz help your servant.... ~_~
i nedd to make a room for this new life,, but where can i put it in...??? ERGH...!

p/s : my english isn't very good... sorry for the mistakes i made....



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